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About Us

Taskerudite specializes on producing high-quality labeled datasets for machine learning and AI projects.

We provide businesses with the core step of every ML project. Data.

We manage a highly specialized team of annotators that care about your project. Iterations over each aspect of the labeling pipeline are done continually

Our expertise lies in generating superior, meticulously labeled datasets for machine learning projects. Our staff works tirelessly to ensure the utmost quality service for our clients.

Wide range of tasks supported with experts on all domains.

Quality data with fast iterations


Quality First

Our annotators care about the project and quality. They are all aware of how the data they produce will affect the AI model

Specialized data annotators

Our data annotators are specialized in their respective fields with years of experience. We have a large pool of talent including Doctors, Engineers and Scientist.

Iteration over labeling rules

We continually revise the labeling rules to make sure they adhere to the dataset requirements.

Constant quality checks

Our labelling pipeline runs daily quality checks to ensure data is of the best quality

Annotators have a say

In our opinion, annotators are a project's most important component. We communicate with our annotators often to determine how the data is being labeled.

Continual feedback

We provide continual feedback between annotators, the data and your requirements


We provide a large set of services in a high variety of languages. These are some of them. Contact us if you have any doubts!

Text Annotations

  • Text classification
  • Text Generation
  • Token classification
  • Text rating
  • NER
  • Entity linking

Image Annotations

  • Bounding box annotation
  • Semantic segmentation
  • Key points annotation
  • Skeletal annotation
  • Instance segmentation
  • Custom annotation

Document Annotations

  • Document classification
  • Document segmentation
  • Data extraction
  • Document creation

Audio Annotations

  • Audio classification
  • Audio generation
  • Audio transcription
  • Audio segmentation

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